Tricks to Enlarge Your RV Space

If you haven’t set aside the RV Renovations on a rainy day fund, don’t worry these tricks won’t run you a costly budget. Instead, they focus on tricking the eye and using angles and light to give the impression that there is more space in any area of your RV.


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sitting area


Monochromatic Light Hues: colors that are in the same family and are cool or warm open up spaces.

Multipurpose Storage: With any RV storage is key and utilizing stationary bins and pull-out drawers help to eliminate clutter that can make a room appear smaller.

Mirrors and Reflective Surfaces: Use this suggestion for every room, as mirrors and reflective surfaces help give the impression that the space is enlarged. Look into wall mirrors that can be mounted horizontally and reflective pieces like small mirrored jewelry box sets like the one below for storage.


Arrange Pieces by Color & Height: Add structure to items by arranging them in height order vertically and even in color hues to streamline any cluttered catastrophe.

Maximize Natural Light: Lighting is everything and the more light you allow to enter into a space the more your eyes are drawn to imagine a larger space. Try to scale away from dark drapes and opt for more sheer lighter fabrics for curtains.





Serene colors: Calm and soothing colors such as pale blues and creme are great for creating the illusion of more space. Save the bright colors for accessories such as towels.

Raise the Roof: Adding color to any ceiling draws the eyes up to make the space look larger. Bring a pop of color to your bathroom ceiling by adding a darker color such as a violet or forest green.

Eliminate Extraness: Marginal items shrink any area, especially a tight bathroom, substantially. Remove hanging racks, accessories on the walls and toilet area, and visual obstructions and find ways to cover or hide the items that are necessities.


Bigger Tiles: In an RV you might think that big tiles don’t make sense, but in this regard bigger is definitely better! Not every RV is decked with bathroom tiles so vinyl tiles are a great alternative.





Scones Over Table Lamps: Installing scones slightly above your headboard, like the colored ceiling, raises the sight and give the illusion that the room is taller than it really is.

Make it Match: Match one or two pieces in the room with the walls to help expand the space.

Clear the Clutter: If you are still not using storage items for those trinkets and souvenirs we love to collect when traveling it will be hard to enlarge your space. The stealthier the better.

Keep Busy Pieces to a Minimum: Pretty self explanatory, but in order to keep the spacious feel cut down any busy pieces like a frilly pillow or colorful rug should be limited to one or two items max


Have you made recent or previous additions to your vehicle? Did you scale back on your decorating to expand your space? Comment below with suggestions, tips, or questions.

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