Tips to Refresh Your New Or Used RV Interior!

Have you bought a Used RV and want to bring it a new look? Or have you had your CrossRoads fifth wheel for a while and want to freshen it up without all the cost? RV123 has tips on how to paint your interior and create a personalized space! It’s a fairly inexpensive way to vamp up your RV in order to make it a bit cozier. Here are a few simple steps that will help you in your painting endeavors.

Step 1: Prepare the Wall

If your RV interior walls (most made of vinyl glued to paneling) are not prepared properly, the paint will not adhere well. Fill in holes and imperfections with a small putty knife and wall compound, let dry, and then sand. Lightly sand the wall with fine grit sandpaper to eliminate shine. Wash the walls with a degreaser (TSP), rinse, and allow the wall to dry. Rather than using painter’s tape to tape off areas that should not be painted, it will be best to use a trim guard. Some surfaces in RVs do not work well with painter’s tape.

Step 2: Prime

Apply a thin layer of water-based primer using small brushes, rollers and paint tray. Let the primer dry for at least a day or longer in a humid climate.

Step 3: Paint

Here’s the fun part! Since RV interiors are small, it’s easier to buy high-quality paint for a low cost since there is less surface area to cover. However, for the same reason, you should be careful about what colors you choose for your interior. If you want your RV to seem more spacious, you should avoid using dark colors and try light colors instead. Light colors reflect light, which make spaces feel more open whereas dark colors absorb light and make a space feel smaller. Cream colors and icy blues are great combinations to create a spacious atmosphere. Check out this infographic for fun information on colors!

In order to avoid problems with dampness, using a latex paint with mildew agent added will be the best for your Used RV walls. Use small brushes to apply paint near corners and roll over large areas. Avoid overloading your paint roller in order to avoid dripping on the wall. Let the paint dry for several days or longer in a damp climate.

Step 4: Clean up

If you made a small mistake while painting, it should be fairly easy to clean the spot with rags or cotton swabs dipped in dish soap and water. A toothbrush can also be used to help scrub away a bit of paint.

Other ways to make your RV feel more spacious is to allow light inside and to stay organized by clearing up any clutter in the room. Also, mirrors placed in the right places can help create an illusion of more space. Check out more inspiration on how to fool the eye into thinking a room is bigger.

What colors would you paint your RV interior? What mood are you trying to inspire?

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