Tiny Wood Stove

Nick and Shae Peterson came up with the concept for the Tiny Wood Stove in 2011 while living in their 1966 Airstream waiting for the arrival of their daughter Paisley. Opting to heat their space with wood over propane, a decision many young RVers are choosing, he decided to create the tiny wood stove after months of not finding a suitable heating source for his family. Nick and Shae run a blog, LivingLightly.com, where they share their experiences as RVers post articles pertaining to living life off of the grid.

Tiny wood stoves come in a variety of sizes and even have customizable accessories to add flare and personalization in your home on wheels. In spaces where weight and size are important tiny wood stoves offer an efficient and compact solution to staying warm without the complications of some propane based systems.

Tiny wood stoves are ideal for RV’s, campers, vans, buses and sailboats and can be purchased online at www.tinywoodstove.com .


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