Tayama Thermal Cooker


Whether you’re camping off the grid or simply choosing to boondock instead of plugging in, a crockpot alternative can be highly desired. Luckily standalone cookers such as the Tayama Thermal Cooker give one the freedom to prep their meals on the go.

There’s no reason to sacrifice the luxury of a home-cooked meal while on the road. Eating out adds up quickly, while restaurants are not always even easily accessible at all times. Bringing a thermal cooker along for the ride ensures you won’t be going hungry on the road, even if all your other plans fall through.

The Tayama claims to retain the flavors of your food with zero evaporation and maximum heat retention. The Tayama is safely left alone, allowing one to explore their campsite and return to a hot meal.

Reducing stovetop cooking time to 10-15 minutes, the Tayama is a great energy and propane saving solution.

For more information on the Tayama Thermal Cooker, see Tayama’s website.

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