Tailgating With Your New Or Used RV

It has been a great tailgating season for us all- I know many of us are sad that the past few months went by so quickly though. Did you tailgate with your new or used RV this season? We wanted to leave you with some photos from the RV lot at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington. We went to check out the set ups and say hi to all our fellow RV campers who were in Arlington, Texas to attend the Cotton Bowl. We will say that the Aggies dominated the OU fans in the lot by far- but everyone was having a great time! We can only imagine how fun the lot must have been after the Aggies beat the Sooners, 41-13.

Heisman trophy winner, Johnny Manziel (AKA Johnny Football) said “…to come in and go against a Big 12 rival and do everything we wanted as a team, and send these seniors out with a win, we couldn’t feel any better,”according to ESPN.

Which RV do you think had the best tailgate setup?

Who are you rooting for to head to the Superbowl? If you are looking for an RV for sale now is a great time to make your purchase!

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