RVing Accessibility Group

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From listing descriptions of RV accessible RV parks in a number of states to various resources and educational services, the RV Accessibility Group functions as an organization that is passionate about enhancing awareness and advocating for true inclusion in the RV and Campground Industries.

RVing Accessibility Group also works to help implement ADA standards for small businesses in order for them to follow compliance. Their mission can be seen in the work they do in the community and even extends to assisting with RV manufacturing to accommodate an array of diverse needs.

Raising awareness for inclusive recreational accessibility through education, example and experience to the disabled and aging community, including businesses that serve the public, for the benefit of all persons regardless of age, injury or illness.

For ways in which you can contribute to the RVing Accessibility Group, information on how to get involved, or if you know someone who can benefit from their services visit  rvingaccessibility.org or call 970-903-7442 .

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