RV Turned Gaming Control Center

gamingcontrol3Straight out of a ten-year-old’s dream, Thomas RV Rentals in Mint Hill, NC has created the ultimate gaming nexus: the Gaming Control Center. Poised and ready to deliver fun for the whole family, the Gaming Control Center is an RV that has been converted to a fun center with all the latest gaming consoles – including VR.

Owned by a gaming loving family, the Gaming Control Center was designed as a safe destination for kids to hang out and play video games – a throwback to classic arcades, with a mobile twist. That’s right, this RV isn’t stationary. The Gaming Control Center will comet directly to your home for any special occasion you may choose to rent it out for.

The Gaming Center comes with their Gaming Center Coaches who aim to providegamingcontrol2 entertainment as well as set-up and clean-up to your guests. As a bonus, the outside of the RV is decked out with a music center, allowing anyone not busy gaming the opportunity to get down, making the Gaming Control Center the true life of the party.

Even better, the Gaming Control Center is equipped with a security camera for parents’ ease of mind.

The Gaming Control Center is truly an innovative work of art by a family passionate about what they love, determined to bring that same joy to other video game loving kids and families alike. Furthermore, this is just another great example of the potential an RV can bring to any business idea.

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