RV Tailgating Essentials

1. Prepare Supplies 1-2 days Before

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RV’s are great in that you have the convenience of home on the road. Even though your RV may be regularly stacked with favorites, if you are hosting a tailgate it may be smart to designate a game day cooler(s) for drinks and food so that you don’t have to take away time from the festivities to go for random fridge dives. Don’t forget the ice!

2. Look into RV Parking

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Some stadiums and parking lots are starting to designate areas specifically for tailgating RVs. It would be wise to check and see if there is space that accommodates your tailgating needs. One of the main things you don’t want to worry about on the day of your tailgate is where you can park.

3. Secure Seating

tailgate chair

Besides the food, and the actual game, seating comes in at third as the most important component to any successful tailgate. Will you be utilizing the seating inside your RV? Is your guest list big enough for you to employ a chair rental service? All questions you should ask before the day of the actual tailgate.

4. Check the Awning

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Although game day weather can be unpredictable, your RV provides the ultimate oasis from rain and the piercing sun with its awning. Make sure that it is functioning properly and clean from dust, bugs, and dirt before your guests arrive.

5. Use a Location Marker

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There are several apps that help guests find your exact location while on the road, such as Find My Friends and Family Locator, which use cell phones and tablets gps data to locate individuals. In a sea of balloons, banners, tables, and jerseys with your teams colors a unique location marker or gps tracking application might be just what you need to get the party started.

6. Deodorizers


Unlike the usual tents and tables that normally occupy tailgates, RVs are unique in that they are livable spaces. In the mist of guests, it is pretty practical to assume that the smell of bbq, alcohol, and whatever else is in the air isn’t so sweet. Throw in garbage and one main restroom per RV and there is bound to be an abundance of aromas all coming from very close quarters. Deodorizers for your trash can, RV, and restroom/port-a-potty area are thoughtful touches that can go a long way not to ruin the game day vibes.


7. Grill Em’ All


Hopefully you caught number 3 where it was stated that food is the first component to a successful tailgate! There are several portable grills and accessories, such as the Weber Liquid Propane Grill or the Grillriderthat can make your tailgating experience in an RV painless. When preparing food be sure to check your generator and power up your fridge well ahead of game, or, grilling time. 

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