ROLA Convoy Bike Carrier


ROLA has recently rolled out the newest addition to their line of bike racks, the Convoy. This hitch-mount bike carrier has the ability to hold up to four bikes, making this bike rack ideal for any family looking to bring their bikes on their next camping expedition.

The adjustable ratcheting arm allows accommodation for tires up to 5 inches thick. Able to hold various types and amounts of bikes, the Convoy is a comprehensive bike rack system. The rack comes in both 1-1/4 inch and 2 inch fits. Rather than switching between racks, the Convoy becomes the only rack necessary for the entire family.

After removing bikes from the rack, the Convoy can be tilted up and locked into position, allowing access to the back of your vehicle. The rack itself is tiered and able to hold bikes by the tires or frame, allowing for the necessary space between bikes.

See ROLA’s website for more information on the upcoming Convoy.

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