Penitente Canyon Campground, CO


Whether you’re looking for a relaxed, communal camping experience or intense, sport climbing routes, Penitente Canyon Campground in Rio Grande National Forest aims to please.

This is a Bureau of Land Management Special Recreation Management Area (SRMA) and an internationally renowned climbing area, with over 300 climbing routes.


  • Open year-round, unless closed by snow
  • No reservations
  • Noon checkout
  • Individual sites $11/night
    • 2 vehicles & 1 trailer max
    • 6 people, 2 tents
  • Group sites $20/night
    • 4 vehicles & 1 trailer max
    • 15 people, 5 tents
  • Quiet hours (including generators): 10PM to 7AM

This campground features 3 main areas, the Penitente Canyon, Witches Canyon, and the Rock Garden Area.

Penitente Canyon:

  • 9 walk-in tent sites
  • 4 drive-in tent sites
  • 2 group sites
  • 5 toilets

Witches Canyon:

  • 8 walk-in tent sites
  • No camping allowed 1/2 mile beyond trailhead
  • No restroom/trash collection

Rock Garden Area

  • No camping allowed
  • No restroom/trash collection

With 100-foot walls and 7,529 acres, this is a comprehensive recreational area. As the campgrounds are occasionally closed for snow, recommended seasons for visiting are spring through fall.

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