Steve Roddy

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Tech Tips Writer

Steve started his RV career with a dealer in Ohio after high school graduation. It does not need to be said it was what we call a Mom and Pop dealership since that is all that existed at the time.

Cold winters with slow business led Steve south to Florida in the mid 80’s. For 14 years, Steve has worked at all sizes of RV dealers, single location, multi-location as well as mega dealers. Florida demonstrated how large the RV business was growing. Extremely busy winters with moderate summer business. As Florida was growing so did the year around RV business. Finally,  Steve could actually make a living all year.

The RV business was booming and manufacturers started opening regional service centers. Included in the responsibility of managing service centers was supporting RV Shows and Rallies. This became a great opportunity to travel and meet great RV customers all over the country.

The RV business was growing so quickly that trained techs were in short supply for dealers It was at this time Steve got involved in training technicians. This was a new venture that a lot of people had talked about but had not decided how it could be done on a wide scale to include all dealers. Fortunately the Florida RV Trade Association approached Steve about producing a live weekly broadcast to all Florida dealers. Since 1998, Steve has worked as FRVTA’s service instructor on Distance Learning Network, where he runs a web-based certification prep course for Fifteen years later, this program is now being used by RV dealers all across the country.

Steve did take a brief three year period of full time RV’ing during his career and traveled and worked in several different states. Steve decided to get back to work in hopes of becoming a full time RV’er sometime in the future.

Steve’s initial goal was to stay in the RV business until he decided what he wanted to do with my life. After 40  years, Steve jokes “I still have not decided.”

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