International RVers

Not all nomads that like to travel the open road reside in North America, the following RVers live and travel abroad!



Paul Beddows has been traveling Mexico in an RV for over 8 years. He shares some of his adventures on Trailer Life’s destination blog. Adventure awaits!

Jalisco RV Tour
Jalisco RV Tour



Sophie and Adam started their blog Europe by Camper so that their family and friends could keep up with them on the road, and in turn a following of eager campers who wanted to know more about RVing abroad appeared. These captivating shots of Greece and Morocco are just a portion of the result.

Greece in RV

Moroccos in RV



This charismatic family of four has been traveling South Whales, Australia in their Kombi van, living life and making memorable moments along the way. They’ve shared some inspiring shots from their adventures on Vanlife’s blog.

Australian RVers

Australian RVers



Steve and Roxanne Lorimer came up with the brilliant idea of traveling Africa in a converted army truck turned mobile home almost 10 years ago. Some of their compelling journey and breath taking photos are recorded on their blog Over Africa.

RVers in Africa

RVers in Africa


Have you considered traveling abroad in an RV? We found some resourceful guides on the following link that could help you plan your next trip out of the country in your RV:

Public Campground Finder

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