Hurricane Harvey Brings an RV Boom in Houston

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Source: Houston Chronicle


With a natural disaster such as Hurricane Harvey that left around 60,000 Texans displaced and cost as much as $180 billion in damage to the state, one might wonder how individuals who experienced this first hand are recouping from such a catastrophe. Many victims have been left to lodge with friends or in hotels, so when dozens of displaced Texans anxiously appeared at the Houston RV Show they were enthusiastically met by RV dealers eager to help get them back in accommodations they can call their own.

The Houston RV Show took place Wednesday February 7th to Sunday February 11th and surprisingly enough, RV dealership  professionals announced that RV sales had increased thanks in part to Harvey survivors. By 50-60 units at some dealerships, and 10% for the year, many Harvey survivors have found themselves looking for reliable and suitable shelter once their insurance checks arrived.

The Houston RV Show didn’t only serve as a place for RV enthusiasts to congregate and check out the newest addition to dealership lots, but served as a chance of hope to start new and empowered despite tragedy. One of the amazing things about what RVing does for others is how it can offer you a sense of escape and community at the same time. But most of all, especially in the case of many Houston RV Show attendees, it gives the opportunity to experience life audaciously in something you can call home.


Source: Houston Chronicle

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