Havasupai Indian Reservation


SUPAI, Az. – Featuring hidden gorgeous waterfalls and picturesque clean and clear turquoise waters, Havasu Falls is a gem tucked away within the Grand Canyon. However, the park lies outside the jurisdiction of the Grand Canyon National Park and instead with the Havasupai Tribe, historically known as the Havasu Baaja, or People of the Blue Green Waters.

The mineral deposits from those water flows deposits minerals into the ground over which it flows which has led to the creation of travertine rock formations along the bottom of the creek in Havasu Canyon. When the travertine is uncovered, unique and impressive rock formations are revealed.

Reaching Supai Village from Hualapai Hilltop entails an 8 mile hike, and travel is possible either by foot or horse. From the village, another 10 mile hike must be made to the falls.

The breathtaking views and clear waters of the falls have made them a popular and heavily reserved destination.


Supai Lodge/Reservation Fees: (all fees subject to 10% tribal tax)

  • $145 a night for up to four people, $40 deposit
  • $50 landing fee helicopter flights 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM, Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday
  • $121 one way, $40 deposit Horses and mules for transport from Hualapai Hilltop
  • $50 entry fee and $10 Environmental Care Fee per person
  • $25 per person a night camping fee


Havasupai Waterfalls:

  • New Navajo Falls – Easily missed, one must break off the trail about 1/2 mile in order to reach this remote fall.
  • Fifty Foot Falls – About 300 miles downstream and highly visible in comparison to New Navajo Falls, one can admire this fall from afar or swim in those trademark turquoise Havasupai waters.
  • Havasu Falls – The trail will take one down the steep, loose trails leading to Havasu falls to a remote and beautiful fall pool area.
  • Mooney Falls – The tallest of the waterfalls, located below the campground. Reachable by descending the 200-feet tall travertine cliff, one must make use of chains, ladders, and bolts.
  • Beaver Falls – The most remote of the falls, one is rewarded for completing the 7 mile roundtrip hike with a gorgeous, cascading waterfall.



For more information, visit the Grand Canyon website.

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