Harman INF-BC4 Bluetooth Controller


In this age of Bluetooth innovation, RVs have been profiting from custom technology. Instead of paying for several tech innovations upfront, RVers now have the ability to pay for and customize their RVs as they please.  With the advent of this RV tech revolution comes the perfect standalone Bluetooth speaker solution for most recreational vehicles, the Harman INF-BC4.

While not specifically created for RVs, this portable speaker is very RV compatible. The speaker is so small, it can fit in small areas easily and is easily installed and paired with your streaming device.

When the alternative is a traditional stereo receiver, a portable and interchangeable Bluetooth speaker is an affordable and adaptable solution. As the Prospec press release states, this makes the speaker, “ideal for golf carts, boats, powersports and motorcycles.”

The controller is flush-mounted, with no visible hardware and requires only a small opening for installation. The controller is also amplifier compatible, ensuring the most quality of audio solutions.

The Infinity by Harman INF-BC4 Pre-AMP Bluetooth Controller retails for $99.95.

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