Guide to RV Tailgating at the Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field

With the only publicly owned football team in the NFL, Green Bay Packers fans are notoriously full of team spirit. In a state renowned for its cheese and sausages, Lambeau Field offers premier tailgating opportunities for football fans. Remember to pack warm clothes — despite sometimes frigid temperatures or falling snow, Green Bay Packers fans are die-hard tailgaters.

Green Bay Packers Lambeau Field NFL Stadium

Lambeau Field offers premier tailgating opportunities for NFL football fans!


Lots Near Lambeau Field That Accommodate RVs

Although the official lot for the NFL stadium does not allow parking for RVs, buses, or oversized vehicles, numerous options abound for would-be tailgaters. For a tailgating fee, a K-Mart store west of Lambeau Field accommodates larger vehicles. There is a grocery store nearby to supply burgers, hot dogs, buns, beverages, and other tailgating needs. Alternatively, RV owners can choose from several lots on Lombardi Avenue that permit tailgating. Although these are easily accessible options, the walk to Lambeau Field is longer from these locations.


Green Bay also offers numerous RV parks for individuals who want to tailgate and then head to the stadium for the game. Oneida Casino RV Park has all of the amenities you need, located just four miles from Lambeau Field. There are also dozens of RV parks and campgrounds within a 20 mile radius of the city.


Tips and Tricks

As RV tailgating becomes more common, expect Lambeau Field and other NFL football teams to facilitate RV parking nearby. For now, consider how close you want to be to Lambeau Field and what kind of tailgate experience you want. If the work of preparing for a tailgate is not your thing, consider attending a Packer Fan Tours sponsored tailgate. For a set fee, you can join a community tailgate with food and drinks included. No matter what you decide, be prepared for an unforgettable experience at Lambeau Field, with friendly fans who are equally passionate about tailgating as they are about the Packers.

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