Guide to RV Camping and Tailgating at the Watkins Glen International

Along with the Infineon, the Watkins Glen International is one of two road circuits among all Nascar tracks. “The Glen” is located on the beautiful countryside near Seneca Lake in New York, just a few hops, skips and jumps from Pennsylvania. Tailgaters enjoy fun with family and friends and good-ol’ Nascar races on the topsy-turvy 11-turn course.

Watkins Glen International NASCAR track

Watkins Glen International is one of two NASCAR road circuit tracks.

RV Reservations and Amenities

Tailgaters and campers alike can enjoy the tire-screeching action inside and around the track. Weekend camping reservations are available trackside or non-trackside from Thursday through Sunday. All arrangements are for down home dry camping and do not include the cost of admission.

Tailgating Zones

Infield tailgate zones inside Turn One and Turn Two can be reserved for parking and are ideal for families planning day trips. Zone reservations do not include the cost of admission. Free parking is permitted on Bronson Hill and on Country 16, nestled between gates 2 and 3, which accomodates overnight stays.

Nearby RV Campgrounds

The Watkins Glen/Corning KOA Camping Resort and Warren W Chute Memorial Park offer full electric and water hookups, tenting, WiFi Internet access, and handicap services. The Glen/Corning includes a game room, playground, heated pool and spa, while the Warren W Chute offers guests boating, tennis and swimming. Both offer tailgaters a quieter alternative to a trackside adventure at The Glen.

Tips and Tricks

  • Come prepared; all reservations are for dry camping.
  • Study maps of the facilities and gates before you arrive.
  • Stop by the village of Watkins Glen, just 3 miles from the speedway, to stock up on supplies if you need them.
  • Know your options before purchasing a ticket package.
  • Know the rules of the track, especially parking restrictions.
  • Keep an eye on young children.
  • The “Fan Walk,” available for $50, gives guests an inside look at the teams as they suit up for race time.
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