Gallery: Winnebago’s Latest Revel

Winnebago is calling the Revel the first mass-produced, manufactured 4×4 RV in the United States, and it’s certainly got an innovative design. The Revel uses a 144″ Mercedes-Benz Sprinter as the base, and is built with a 3-liter turbo diesel engine, all-terrain tires, and an on-demand four-wheel drive system with adjustable hill-descent modes.

The interior is built with spacious comfort in mind, with an induction cooktop, push button lowered bed, toilet, shower head, and amenities usually reserved for larger motorhomes such as A/C and heating. The Revel comes equipped with 200 watts of roof-mounted solar panels and an exterior hot/cold shower.

See the photos below for a look at this impressive innovation from Winnebago:



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