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fluid1When you’re on the road, it can sometimes be impossible to pack for every inevitability. Luckily, apps like Fluid exist to help connect people with other people, people who have the tools they need.

The app developers’ stated goal is, “to reduce consumption and overspending by empowering communities to organize their resources.” Borrowing locally instead of overbuying goods allows one to save both money and time. Fluid is also useful on a community level, bringing people together in order to pool their resources rather than having multiple members of the same community buy the same goods.

Developed to be used as a communal app in this way, Fluid allows owners of everything from cars to party equipment to put their goods up on the app. Borrowers in the area then search for the good they’re looking for an are connected with someone in the area who owns it and is willing to allow them to use it, for a small fee.

Owners benefit from renting out items they own anyways, and borrowers benefit from not having to purchase items they may not often use for full price.

Not only is this sort of communal app is useful within a typical neighborly dynamic, but it can also be useful for those of us hitting the road without enough room in our campers in which to pack all of our worldly possessions.

Marketplace lending apps such as Fluid can be lifesavers in scenarios like this, in which you’re staying in a new area where you don’t know anyone, but a friendly neighbor with a spare tent might be heaven-sent.


Fluid allows users to schedule their rental times, as well as helps both ends process payments. Fluid also insures items put up for use on the app, helping to ease the mind of both parties involved. Because of this user-friendly interface, Fluid might be just the thing to keep you on the road and out of the hardware store on your next trip.

Fluid is available for both iOS and Android.

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