Enjoy Specialty Coffee In The Great Outdoors

Loam Coffee doesn’t shy away from proclaiming their love for coffee and how easy they have made it to prepare while enjoying outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and biking. For Loam Coffee the outdoors creates the perfect environment to take in the beauty around us with a rejuvenating cup of joe.

While advocating mountain biking in the Pacific North West through coffee, Loam also promotes a number of brew methods that can be prepared anywhere with comprehensive instructions accompanied by detailed illustrations. Here we’ve highlighted a few for your enjoyment and ofcourse you can visit Loam Coffee’s Brew Methods page for the complete list and further instruction.


Described as compact, simple, and fast, the Minipresso is a powerful shot of coffee that only calls for hot water, ground coffee beans, and pump that can be decorated with creme.

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The Snow Peak collapsible coffee drip is perfect to throw in your truck for the trailhead or in your pack for coffee in the backcountry. The 4 oz coffee drip is created with the of the following simple directions; open the coffee drip, place it on your mug, add your filter, add your coffee, pour with boiling water, finit!

coffee drip, loam coffee, coffee, biking, SNOW PEAK COLLAPSIBLE POUROVER COFFE DRIP



The Bialetti Moka is a classic Italian invention that has been used for decades around the world. As a fun way to enjoy your coffee amongst nature around the campfire, the aluminum 3-cup Moka offers an elevated taste. Loam emphasizes the weighted valve and pressure build up for the espresso-like product and visible crema.

Moka, loam coffee, BIALETTI MOKA EXPRESS



The Jetboil flash makes the entire coffee brewing process as simple as pie and is pretty affordable too. Great for backcountry campers and adventures, this method is a popular favorite amongst nomad coffee enthusiasts and bikers.


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