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Coachella Music and Arts Festival, one of the most popular music festivals in the United States, starts this week! Every year thousands of people, including many well-known celebrities such as Kylie and Kendall Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Jaden Smith, and many more, travel to California to attend this epic two weekend festival. The festival features multiple genres of music along with legendary performers to make it one festival filled with remarkable live performances you don’t want to miss. The fashion of the festival is also just as important as the music, many of the people attending wear boho or bohemian style clothing to go along with the theme of the festival.  What really makes Coachella special is that you can camp on site on the festival grounds.


Coachella is one of the few music festivals where guests attending the festival can camp on site. This opportunity is one you should definitely take advantage of because it will be a weekend full of endless music, partying, and fun alongside your friends that you will remember forever. Coachella offers car and tent camping. Each camping spot can hold as many people as you would like but each person camping must purchase a festival pass. Festival passes start at $399. Car camping spots are 10 by 30 feet and spots are good for the entire weekend. You must park your car in your spot for the entire weekend and are not allowed to drive your car in and out of your spot. Tent camping spots are 10 by 15 feet on a grass spot. You can have as many people as you would like on your tent spot and each tent spot comes with an overnight parking spot for one car. The car and tent camping prices are only $99. Basic campground amenities include showers, cell phone charging stations, internet café with free Wi-Fi, general store, vendors, portable toilets, and much more.coachella2

If you want to enjoy Coachella in style you should check into the tepees and tents at Lake Eldorado. The teepees and tents are set around the beautiful redeveloped Lake Eldorado with huge palm trees and mountains towering over the breathtaking campsite. The teepee can sleep up to two people and comes with two cots, two sleeping bags, two pillows, and one overnight parking spot for the weekend. The tents offered at Lake Eldorado can sleep up to four people and comes with four cots, four sleeping bags, four pillows, and one overnight parking spot for the weekend. The tent also comes with extra amenities such as a cooler and chairs, plus with the parking spot included with the teepee and tent packages you have special drive in/out privileges during designated times. The sleeping bags and pillows that come with the teepee and tent are yours to keep after the festival as well. Some of the special amenities provided with the teepee and tent include 24 hour concierge service, lake side benches and umbrellas, exclusive showers and Porto potties, private check in locations, and activities throughout the campsite. The prices for the teepee start at $2398 and the tents start at $3196, the prices include festival passes.coachella3

The Safari tent is the most luxurious and spiffy camping option there is available. The Safari tent can comfortably sleep two people; it is very luxurious and exclusive and is definitely a great option if you want VIP access and privileges to many different things. All the safari tents include air conditioning and queen beds as well as golf cart shuttles to the stages , a private parking lot , onsite concierge , security , special safari backstage passes , and much more. The tents will be set up and fully furnished upon your arrival giving you a stress free time. The Safari tent for two is $7000 and up to two additional guests can be added to tent for an additional charge of $1750 per person.

Coachella is a one of a kind music festival you do not want to miss. It will be a wonderful weekend full of excitement from having fun camping with your friends, experiencing captivating live performances from legendary artists, and seeing the enormous Coachella Ferris Wheel light up the night. Coachella is definitely the place for your next camping adventure and you will surely make memories you will never forget.

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    September 13, 2016 at 12:03

    We parked the coach on the polo grounds for Stagecoach several years ago when Stagecoach included a sanctioned barbecue contest. Stagecoach was an experience that I had never previously encountered, but we documented the contest on BBQTV, without the music.


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