Cauldryn: The Future Of Water Bottles

Cauldryn’s 16 oz. bottle maintains heat settings, sterilizes water, and boils contents at up to 212 degrees all from the power of a removable and rechargeable battery at the bottom of the bottle. For the outdoor enthusiasts who may not always have access to fire or electricity, the Cauldryn water bottle makes the ability to heat your favorite warm drinks and preparing meals possible.

Cauldryn offers two different models, the Fyre and Fyre Mobile that both come in a stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle.


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  • Boil (212 degrees) – Cook, Sterilize Water
  • Brew (195-205 degrees) – Brew Coffee or Black Tea
  • Extra Hot (160-170 degrees) – Like your Coffee Hotter than Most, Slow Cook, Re-hydrate Freeze Dried Food
  • Hot (135-145 degrees or 125-135 degrees)
    The AC base provides all power needed to maintain temperatures or boil water. Its innovative power coaster even lets you pick up the bottle while the power source stays on your desk for a truly wireless drinking experience.


Cauldryn can be found at, Amazon, Walmart, and Camping World.

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