Product Reviews

  • SuperBand Insect Repellent

    SuperBand Insect Repellent

    Summertime is here!  Tired of the hassle of putting on bug spray to keep the insects away?  The SuperBand Insect Repellent from Evergreen Research is the solution!  Not only are the bracelets easier to use, they use a completely natural insect repellent formula that does not contain deet, so they are healthier for you as well! To

  • Featured App: Kindle

    Featured App: Kindle

    There are few things better than reading a good book in a peaceful campsite.  While nothing beats a traditional book, they can be a pain to carry around especially if space is tight.  The Kindle app from Amazon puts millions of books at your fingertips so you’ll never have to worry about running out of

  • Swedish FireSteel

    Swedish FireSteel

    Any survivalist or avid camper will tell you that good flint and steel is essential to any fire starting kit.  The Swedish FireSteel 2.0, originally made for the Swedish military, is one of the best and most popular models.  Consisting of a magnesium alloy rod and steel striker, this product is guaranteed to create a

  • Guide Centric Air Lounger

    Guide Centric Air Lounger

    Durable enough for both indoor and outdoor use and lightweight enough to transport anywhere, this easy-to-use lounger is the perfect addition to your camping furniture.  Bring it to the beach, a camping trip, an outdoor concert, or use it as an extra seat at your next movie night! Durable Ripstop Nylon Parachute Fabric w/ Extra Strength