Campnab for Campground Cancellations


If you’ve ever had your sites set on a particular campground only to find it’s full up, Campnab may have a solution for you. The inventors of the website ( were tired of this experience themselves. Upon learning a campsite had no vacancies, the originator of the site’s concept, Eric Shelkie, and his wife would constantly return to campsites in order to check for cancellations that would allow their family a stay at the site of their choice.

Campnab was the time saving solution Shelkie and Eric Karjaluoto, of the firm smashLAB, concocted. Shelkie rightly assumed others would see the need for Campnab’s technology as well. The website allows the user to choose sold out campsites to create watches for, as well as the dates they would like to stay. The user also determines how often Campnab will scan for open sites, while manual scanning remains possible. Campnab can be set to scan as often as every 5 minutes, and is the recommended setting by the site’s creators. Campnab then sends the user a text message when the site has an opening.

Scans can cost from $5 to $20, depending on the frequency of the scan, or the user can sign up for monthly plans starting at $5.

Campnab currently covers campsites in British Columbia, but the site developers are looking into expanding the service for other states and provinces.

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