Camper Fashion

The internet has so much to offer, and these amazing looks for any RV adventure are definitely worthy of the share with RV123 fans.

Fashion stylist Vanessa Taylor inspires anyone to get outdoors and enjoy some fun in the sun with these styles she put together for all age groups.

  • The Family on Vacation


Patagonia, an outdoor clothing and gear retailer, started its Worn Wear program in 2013 to repair old items so they can be worn longer ― and kept out of landfills. In addition to a Worn Wear warehouse in Reno, Nevada, where Patagonia repairs over 45,000 items per year, the company also provides customers with repair kits and resources to do it themselves. They travel in a pretty nice revamped Wago made of Wine Barrels too.




Do you have your own looks you want to share? Comment below.

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