Campanda: Airbnb for RVs


Any traveler who’s used Airbnb knows its perks: cheaper, more homey lodging. Almost anywhere you chose to travel, you’ll be able to find someone renting out a room, or their home, for travelers on the go. Extending rental options from these types of residences to trailers and RVs just makes sense – they’re typically not used by their owners all year round, and offer the same amenities a typical Airbnb or hotel might.

The Campanda website states:

“Campanda is a marketplace that serves RV owners looking to share their love of RV life with prospective travelers by renting out their vehicles — making extra income in the process. We’ve built a way for RV owners to connect with and rent to outdoor travel enthusiasts around the world. RV owners make extra cash letting travelers use their RV when it would otherwise be sitting in the driveway or in storage. If you own an RV that you don’t live in full time, renting your vehicle can open up an incredible stream of additional income.”

For RV owners who aren’t hitting the road full-time, renting out your RV just makes sense. Utilizing the website’s peer-to-peer format allows for vetting of renters and vice-versa. Unlike running a bread and breakfast, there’s no pressure on the RV owner to rent their vehicle out – you already own it, so why not profit?

Campanda covers both renters and owners by ensuring owners have liability insurance while renters must pay into Campanda’s rental insurance.

The website functions like any other Airbnb or property rentals site, owners and renters are able to search for or display dates that work for them and the website will match them up.

Campanda offers a chance for RV owners to turn their vehicles into profit while they sit in their driveway, and is worth looking into. See the Campanda website for more information. 

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