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Boondockers Welcome is built by RVers, for RVers. With a philosophy that RVing brings out the best in people, Boondockers Welcome was created by Marianne Edwards, author of The Fugal Shunpiker’s Guides, and Anna Maste, both proud Canadians.

Boondockers Welcome knows first hand that RVers are welcoming to each other, especially when it comes to staying on their property, even if they have just met. Boondockers Welcome believes in the kindness and generosity of RVers from coast to coast and “proudly serves as a venue for RVers to connect and welcome each other to camp on their property, with no expectations of being paid in anything more than gratitude and a pay-it-forward spirit”.

Boondockers Welcome makes it easy to become a guest and search host locations for a 1 year subscription of $30 and $75 for 3 years. For hosting, there is no need to for cleaning and utility issues and of course there are always exciting travel stories to be shared. In order to host you first need to create a profile to let guests know about you and your location, respond to inquiring members, and when the guests arrive let them know where to set up for the night(s).

Visit for more information on how you can begin your hitch-free adventures with Boondockers Welcome today. Have you already used this group? Let us know how it went by commenting below.


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