Biscayne National Park


A hidden gem of a national park, Biscayne is located on Florida’s eastern coast at the northernmost part of the Keys, just a stone’s throw away from Miami and the Everglades. This picturesque park contains some of the most gorgeous barrier reefs and islands the state has to offer, providing out of this world beaches and crystal clear waters for your enjoyment.

This unique park is composed of both mainland shoreline as well as a chain of islands, accessible only by boat. It is one of the absolute top scuba diving andBiscayne_underwater_NPS1 snorkeling locations in the county because of the amazing underwater visibility and the abundance of thriving coral reefs providing perfect habitats for an amazing diversity of marine life. Since 95% of this park is water, boating and kayaking offer a great way to see the sights.

For you land-lovers, there’s plenty to do, too! Not only are the beaches pristine, Biscayne also contains amazing mangrove forests and historically significant sites from indigenous cultures dating back 10,000. There are dozens of ways to spend an active day hiking, collecting fabulous seashells and watching wildlife. Or if you’re looking to relax – no problem. Siting under an umbrella with a drink is a favorite pastime in the area!

boca-chita-patrick-m-lynchYou can tent camp on Elliott and Boca Chita Keys for a small fee. If you’re interested in this unique experience, be sure to read the camping guide. Unfortunately, there are no RV campgrounds within the boundaries of the park. There is, however, and wide variety of RV resorts located close by. The Boardwalk RV Resort offers nice accommodations at a reasonable price, including a wonderful heated pool. Sun RV Resorts provides another nice option, featuring similar conveniences in a beautiful setting.

For more, be sure to check out the official website for complete, up-to-date information about everything going on in this unique national park!

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