Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area, KY & TN


Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area is so comprehensive, its 125,000 acres encompasses parts of both Kentucky and Tennessee.

Open year round, with no entrance fees, the Big South Fork recreation area makes planning a visit easy. Once there, visitors can partake in all sorts of activities, such as whitewater paddling, rock climbing, and horseback riding.

The area is so large, multiple visitor centers can be found on property:

  • Bandy Creek Visitor Center
  • Crossville Visitor Center
  • Rugby Visitor Contact Station
  • Helenwood Visitor Center
  • Blue Heron Interpretive Center
  • Stearns Visitor Contact Station

Each center is unique, but each features the chance to “ask a ranger what to do in the park”, ensuring that your stay certainly won’t be dull! Whether you plan on hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding, individual trail maps are available, allowing you to customize your experience in the park.

Other recreational guides include: southfork2

  • A Guide to Paddling in the Big South Fork
  • A Guide to the Blue Heron Community
  • Black Bear in the Big South Fork
  • Birds of Big South Fork
  • Geology and History of the Cumberland Plateau
  • The Junior Ranger Web Program
  • Sandstone Arches
  • Wildflowers of Big South Fork

There will almost certainly be something new to experience each time you visit Big South Fork, so bookmark this one for multiple visits!

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