Askew’s Landing Campground


Surrounded by history and southern nature, this campground and RV park in central Mississippi sits in the middle of a 300 acre former plantation that has been in the Askew family for five generations.  Parts of the plantation were destroyed in the Civil War, but several buildings and landmarks still remain.  The campground, founded in the 1980s has over 40 RV sites with electric, water and sewer, two modern bath houses with showers and toilets, laundry facilities, a swimming pool and a large covered pavilion.  There is also a 15 acre fishing lake stocked with bream and catfish along with two miles of nature trails.  Visitors can also feed the ducks, geese, peacocks, and turkeys that wander through.


The property is listed on the National Historical Register because of its involvement in the Civil War.  In May of 1863, the Confederates were retreating to Vicksburg after The battle of Champion Hill.  As they were using Askew’s Ferry to cross the Big Black River, skirmishing broke out at the plantation.  The Confederates managed to escape, destroying the ferry to keep the Union off their back.  Several months later. the plantation was the site of a failed Confederate attack on the Union’s eastern flank.


For campers looking to add some historical fun into their next adventure, this southern campsite offers the best of both worlds.  To contact learn more about Askew’s Landing, visit their website or call 601-852-2331.

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