Artist Re-Purposes Abandoned RV

A local Portland artist, known as Joseph the Human, first encountered the Winnebago that would bring him nationwide attention abandoned in front of his art studio.  The RV had been left empty, taking up six spaces in front of the studio. An eyesore and annoyance, Joseph and neighboring office workers plead for the city to remove the RV, to no avail.

When it looked like the RV wasn’t going anywhere, Joseph entered the abandoned vehicle and was saddened to discover the its state – it was, “moldy and unloved—completely ditched.”

Gathering spare spray paint, Joseph got to work on his beautification project. Post-transformation, fresh-faced with a spray painted mural, the RV was eventually towed by the city and sold by a private towing company. To Joseph’s shock, his art project was then adopted as a fellow Portlander’s home.

Joseph hopes to gain permission to continue a series of RV art in an effort to redefine the city’s perception of the RV lifestyle.


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