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RV123.com is the online RVing experience. Whether you are a seasoned RVer, first time buyer, or industry expert, RV123 has something for you! Join a forum conversation on the best holiday road trips, read a blog on handy maintenance tips, brag about your new camper, research suppliers, check out upcoming rallies in your area, and more!

Just like camping, RV123 is all about community. This site was designed to bring destinations, dealers, suppliers and manufacturers together as a premium source of information for the RV enthusiast. Our directory has grown to include thousands of dealerships, campgrounds and RVs for sale. It’s always free for you to browse RVs for sale by local dealerships, and it’s even free to list your own RV.

The content on RV123 is user-driven, meaning we empower campers like you with the ability to share their thoughts with the world. If you have visited a dealership or campground, we would love for you to rate and write a review about them. By sharing your experiences with the community, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with companies and campers alike, while helping other RVers make informed decisions about upcoming trips.

RV123 was launched with the vision that the camping lifestyle belongs to everyone. We hope that no matter where your RV takes you, the RV123 community will always be a part of your camping experience.

Motor Home Specialist, RVs for Sale