90 Year Old Woman Drives RV 800 Miles Alone to Escape Irma


Estrellita Izquierdo has been widowed for the past three years, but that didn’t stop her from driving her RV alone in order to escape recent hurricane Irma.

The 90-year-old widow made the 800 mile drive from Homestead, Florida to Hoover, Alabama on her own, but not quite alone.

Along with her cat, Estrellita felt the spirit of her husband was right there with her, empowering her to make the drive.

She and her husband had been partners for 64 years, running a dance company and later becoming sports massage therapists, working at the Olympics, Goodwill games, and Pan-Am games.

With fifteen great-grandchildren, Estrellita’s large family made sure to check on her consistently, but she wasn’t too concerned.

After making it to Hoover, Estrellita was greeted by an RV park serving meals for evacuees and anyone who made it to the park.

The 90-year-old was one of many to retreat from Irma, and just one such inspirational story from the RV community during this trying time.


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